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Reptile Breeder Eagle River Alaska

Terms, Conditions & Guarantees


7-Day Animal Health Guarantee

Frontier Exotics provides a 7-day health guarantee on all the animals we sell. If a purchased animal fails to thrive within the first seven days of ownership contact us so we may assist you in a claim. We may require that the following information is provided including information not present on this list:

  • Pictures of the animal.

  • Pictures of the enclosure animal was kept in. Include at least one that shows the entire enclosure.

  • A description of the enclosure (size, substrate used, type of top, lights, heating, etc.)

  • What other animals were housed in the enclosure? Past and present.

  • Temperature and humidity in the enclosure MUST be provided as well as pictures of the device(s) used to measure them.

  • How long has the animal been in your care?

  • How often have you been feeding it?

  • What supplements are you using?

  • What have you been feeding it?

  • What kind of water have you been using?

  • Was the animal behaving oddly? If so, how? What was different? How long was it acting like this?

Failure to meet these requirements will void our 7-Day Animal Health Guarantee. If we deem that the animal failed to thrive through no fault of your own, we will offer a suitable replacement animal or a credit off the next animal purchased.

Cohabitating animals will void our 7-Day Health Guarantee. Some exceptions may apply.

3-Day Plant Guarantee

Due to the sensitive nature of plants Frontier Exotics’ guarantee only covers plants that have died withing three days of customer ownership. We may require additional information or pictures before a replacement or credit is offered.

7-Day Insect Guarantee

All insects come with Frontier Exotics’ 7-Day Guarantee from the time of customer ownership. If your insect fail to thrive contact us so that we may replace your purchase. Additional information may be required before a replacement is issued. We are not responsible for your insects being eaten by your animal.

Live Arrival Guarantee

All shipments come with our Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG). We guarantee that your animal will arrive alive. Due to this we require that animals must be shipped to a Fed Ex location. Any animal that is Dead On Arrival (DOA) will have a suitable replacement sent or a credit will be offered. A DOA must be reported within an hour of picking up. Failure to do so voids the LAG. Any DOAs due to buyer negligence are solely the responsibility of the buyer and voids the LAG. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Failure to pick up.

  • Leaving the package with Fed Ex for an extended period of time or leaving the package unattended.

  • Not opening the package to verify contents upon receipt.

If there is an issue please contact us so that we may assist you.

Custom Enclosure Service and Guarantee

Frontier Exotics stands by our enclosures and craftsmanship. Because of this we offer a 1-yearf guarantee on all our custom backgrounds and service on the enclosure if required. Contact us with any issues that arise and we will do our best to help you. Not all situations are easily fixed, and it may take time to rectify the problem. Modification of the enclosure ore the background by the customer will void the Custom Enclosure Service and Guarantee.


Shipping is offered on most items for US based customers. We ship through FedEx, UPS and USPS. Customers are responsible for shipping costs.

Shipping for live product is available across the continental US and Alaska. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship live product to Hawaii. All animals will be shipped through FedEx Overnight. We do not ship live product when temperatures are below 38F or exceed 85F at the destination or any stops along the way. We also do not ship live product if the shipment will be impacted by inclement weather. This is for the safety of your new pet. All live product will be shipped on a Monday or Tuesday to a FedEx hub with a temperature-controlled room.

Customers must contact us with shipping details before we will ship any animals. We require you to provide your address and the address of the FedEx hub you would like to pick up from. Also include any other pertinent information that would be useful in the safe arrival of your new pet. Failure to contact us may result in the cancellation of your order.

If an animal is purchased and we are unable to ship it due to weather we will board the animal free of charge until a suitable shipping window is available. Failure to receive a shipment after boarding an animal may result in cancellation of the order. If an order is cancelled after boarding, we will retain a fee for housing, feeding and loss of sale.

A Live Arrival Guarantee is offered for any live animal shipment.

Delivery & Pickup

We are able to offer delivery and pickup services for our local customers.

Delivery - If you live in the Anchorage, Palmer or Wasilla area we are able to deliver to a pickup site for a small fee. Pickup sites are at the following locations:

  • Anchorage - Tikahtnu Commons

  • Palmer - ADFG/USDA

  • Wasilla - Lowe's

For those located on the peninsula, delivery may be scheduled to Soldotna. A $50 delivery fee will be required before any products are scheduled. If we make the delivery and there is a failure to meet us at the designated time and place the $50 delivery fee is nonrefundable.

Please choose delivery as an option at checkout. You must contact us to schedule a delivery.

Pickup - If you are willing to pickup your order you may meet us at a pickup site in Eagle River, the Fred Meyer's right off the Glenn. Pickup is free of charge but you must contact us to schedule a pickup.

Terms of Sales and Service

All sales are final. Items cannot be returned for a refund or an exchange. If there is an issue with your live product we do provide a Health Guarantee and we can assist you with a claim.

By purchasing live product from us you acknowledge that you understand the basic care and needs of the product you purchased.

We may require you to be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase a live animal and we may require you to provide a form of identification. Minors may be required to provide proof of consent from their parent or legal guardian.

A deposit is required for a custom enclosure. The deposit amount is based on enclosure size and the scale of the project. This deposit is refundable within the first two weeks of the build. After the two-week grace period the cancellation of the enclosure will result in the relinquishment of the deposit.

Payment plans may be used for select animals at our discretion. A $50 dollar deposit plus first payment will be required to hold the animal. The term of the payment plan will be determined on an individual basis decided by us. Cancellation of the payment plan/hold will result in the relinquishment of the deposit.

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