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Care Sheets

Dart frogs are a fascinating family of frogs. With a variety of genera and species there is a dart frog to fit any personal aesthetics, preferences and experience. This generalized care sheet can help you begin your journey in the dart frog hobby.

Dendrobates tinctorius are an excellent introduction to dart frogs. With their wide array of colorful locales, bold behavior and quiet calls these frogs are beloved by both novices to the hobby and longtime keepers.

Ranitomeya vanzolinii sport golden-yellow spots on a black body with reticulated blue legs. Named after a composer this small dart frog is an excellent choice for an introduction into the world of thumbnail darts. Learn about the basics of their care.


Crested Geckos are a fantastic pet. Once thought extinct these geckos have climbed their way to the #2 favorite pet gecko. Learn all about their ease of care with our care sheet.


The #1 pet gecko and the #2 pet lizard of all time! Did you know that all geckos are lizards, but not all lizards are geckos? Find out how to care for these spunky little creatures.


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