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Customized Enclosures

‘A slice of the exotic.’

A one-of-a-kind enclosure customized for your pet. With over a decade of building and designing bioactive enclosures let us do all all the dirty work. You enjoy all the benefits.


Every custom enclosure is unique. Whether it is background for a bearded dragon or a fully planted naturalistic vivarium for dart frogs we can build it! Due to the highly customized aspect of each build there are no set prices. Together we can work on a design outline and provide an estimate based on hardscape, enclosure size, labor, and materials.

A deposit is required before work begins. The deposit amount will be based on the scale of the project. A grace period is given for a refund for the total amount of the deposit. This refund may be issued within 14 days of the start of construction. After the 14-day grace period the cancellation of the project will result in the forfeiture of the deposit. We will inform you when construction on your project begins and the start of the 14-day grace period. You must contact us within the 14-day period to have the refund issued.

Frontier exotics stands by our enclosures and craftsmanship. Because of this we offer a 1-year guarantee on all our custom backgrounds and services on the enclosure if required. Contact us with any issues that arise and we will do our best to assist you. Not all situations are easily fixed and it may take time to rectify the problem. Modification of the enclosure or background by the customer will void the Custom Enclosure Service and Guarantee. Frontier Exotics is not responsible for any harm that may befall your pet inside the enclosure or due to the customization of the enclosure.

Due to the nature of custom enclosures and backgrounds we may not be able to ship or deliver to all locations. Free delivery is offered to Anchorage, Palmer, and Wasilla for select enclosure sizes. Enclosures for customers on the Kenai peninsula may be delivered for a fee ($50+$1 per mile from the intersection of the Spur & Sterling) for select enclosure sizes, weather permitting. Frontier Exotics may decline a custom build based on location.

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