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Ranitomeya vanzolinii
  • Ranitomeya vanzolinii

    ***Pictures are representative of the species and not of the individual***


    Ranitomeya vanzolinii, often referred to as vanzos, are a singular subspecies of Ranitomeya hailing from Brazil. These frogs were named after their discoverer, Paulo Vanzolinii a Brazilian herpetologist and composer (his compositions are quite enjoyable). Vanzolinii can be found in lowland rainforests and cloud forests in Brazil and Peru.

    These frogs are diminutive, being considered a thumbnail dart frog as they do not get much larger than 3/4ths of an inch. Sporting a black body with golden polka dots and blue, geometrically patterned legs, these frogs are quite a sight to see.

    Ranitomeya are facultative egg feeders and monogamous in nature. Both of which are quite rare in amphibians. Facultative egg feeding means that these frogs choose to feed their tadpoles unfertilized eggs to help them develop and grow.

    Male R. vanzolinii have a shrill-like call that can be moderately loud. They use this call to claim territory as well as enticing their female to an egg laying spot or where he has stashed their tadpoles. At Frontier Exotics, we find that this call is typically used early to mid-morning during breeding for lengthy amounts of time, sporadically for short periods after egg laying as well as for facultative egg laying, and short subdued calls at lights out.

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