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Dart Frog/Tropical Clean Up Crew Bundle

Dart Frog/Tropical Clean Up Crew Bundle

The perfect clean up crew for dart frogs or other tropical, high humidity animals. This bundle is perfect for seeding small to medium size enclosures such as Exo Terra's 18(L)x18(W)s. It is recommended purchasing two or more if your enclosure will be 40 gallons or larger. Many animals will predate on clean up crews and it is best to allow them time to establish within the enclosure before adding in your pet.



  • 8 oz Temperate Springtail Culture (Colembolla sp.)
  • 8 oz Tropical Springtail Culture (Coecobrya sp.)
  • 25 ct Dwarf White Isopods (Trichorhina tomentosa)


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