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Cubaris murina 'Little Sea'
  • Cubaris murina 'Little Sea'

    10 count


    Cubaris murina is a smaller species of isopod. Enjoying high humidity these pods do well in tropical environments. Though you may want to avoid placing in a terrarium with any high humidity loving plants with soft bodies as these pods have been known to munch on the more delicate plants. Not as flashy as some of the other Cubaris species, there is something to the simplicity of their beauty. Slow to reproduce it is recommended to not cohabitate with an animal that will predate on them.

    Cubaris murina should be given lots of leaf litter and wood. Vegetables like carrot, squash and cucumber may be provided. They also appreciate small amounts of protein; this is most easily achieved with high quality fish food or dried fish/insects. A calcium source should also be provided (eggshell, calcium supplements, cuttlebone, etc.).

    Another fantastic option is Repashy Bug Burger or Morning Wood. Using these as a food source contains all the important vitamins, minerals, proteins, and cellulose isopods crave. But don’t skimp on the leaf litter.

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