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Armadillidium maculatum 'Zebra'
  • Armadillidium maculatum 'Zebra'

    10 count


    Armadillidium maculatum are a great all around isopod. Easy to care for, fashionable, bold, reaches a fairly large size, and they even work well as a cleanup crew. What’s not to love? Make sure they are provided with good ventilation and a humidity gradient. In no time you will have a herd of Zebras.

    Armadillidium maculatum should be given lots of leaf litter. Vegetables like carrot, squash and cucumber may be provided. They also appreciate small amounts of protein; this is most easily achieved with high quality fish food or dried fish/insects. A calcium source should also be provided (eggshell, calcium supplements, cuttlebone, etc.).

    Another fantastic option is Repashy Bug Burger or Morning Wood. Using these as a food source contains all the important vitamins, minerals, proteins, and cellulose isopods crave. But don’t skimp on the leaf litter.

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