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100% Pinstripe Harlequin- ACR016
  • 100% Pinstripe Harlequin- ACR016

    100% Pinstripe, Harlequin, Reverse Pinstripe, Whitewall

    Crested Gecko

    Correlophus ciliatus

    Sex: Unsexed

    Weight: 8 grams


    Crested geckos, sometimes referred to as eyelash geckos, are a medium sized gecko native to New Caledonia. Originally described in 1866 crested geckos were thought to be extinct until 1994 when they were rediscovered. In 1995 the first exports of crested geckos for private collection began but quickly came to an end by 1998. Despite this short window of exportation crested geckos have since become one of the world’s most popular pets. They are the 5th most searched reptile on the internet and the 2nd most popular pet gecko. With their docile nature, multitude of morphs and ease of care crested geckos are fantastic pets.

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